How to Send an encrypted email.

*For customers using Cloud9 Email Protection Encryption feature* Default Encryption Settings: When Encryption is enabled on the company account two rules are added for outbound messages.  These two rules can be used to send encrypted emails. By adding [encrypt] to subject.Including the square brackets By using the Outlook Plugin.The outlook plugin will be installed for Cloud […]

Error with opening encrypted emails & attachments

Opening an Encrypted email: When logging into the Encryption Portal to view a received encrypted email, sometimes users may see the following error: “Warning You are trying to access a message that has expired, or you do not have permission to view the message. Log out and log back in as the user who received […]

Receive Encrypted Email

This is a guide on the steps and process for registering with Proofpoint Essentials SecureMail Portal. These steps will need to be completed by the recipient of an encrypted email. You will want to send this article to new recipients ahead of sending them an encrypted email. Main Steps: Receive Encrypted Email from sender Register […]

Quarantine Digest

Digest Settings Overview Digests are used to allow end users to easily view a list of emails that have been quarantined. To view digest settings You can adjust your Quarantine Digest Settings by first logging into Cloud Email Protection portal, then by clicking on the settings main tab, and then the Digests sub tab. Options […]

Adjusting your Spam levels

Customize Spam Filtering Some users might need different spam filter levels or options set. End Users (and admins) can manage their own filter settings. Silent Users also have personal, customizable settings – but these must be set and managed by an admin. They don’t have access to login and manage their own settings. Spam Sensitivity (slider) […]

Searching Quarantined Emails

When you are looking for an email that has been sent, but didn’t make it to your inbox yet. There is a good chance that the email was quarantined. When you log into your Cloud Email Protection Portal it will take you to the search window first. The default settings will show you quarantined emails […]