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Cloud9’s HIPAA Email Encryption and Data Loss Prevention Solutions offer modern secure email and compliance capabilities. Data Loss Prevention (DLP) not only empowers organizations to securely share client and other data, but also prevents the loss of sensitive information like credit card or social security numbers while also abiding by HIPAA and other regulatory compliance requirements.

Worried that your users may lose sensitive client or patient data? Data Loss Prevention policy settings allows you to automatically encrypt recognizable number sets to prevent inadvertent releases. When receiving secure email, log into a secure portal and view your most sensitive messages.

What You Gain:
Encryption works across networks, devices and more – even with a simple tag in a subject line – to ensure that security doesn’t come at the cost of productivity. A complete solution that defends you against malicious attacks while allowing you to securely share information and keep it from falling into the wrong hands, all while having peace of mind against the latest threats as they emerge

  • HIPAA/Encrypted Email
  • SMTP Encryption over TLS
  • Automated Data Protection Policies
  • Encrypt Outbound Email
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
  • Encryption for Financial and HIPAA Compliance
  • Real-Time sync on all devices
  • Outlook Web Access
  • Unlimited Mailbox size
  • Company Calendar Sharing
  • Smart Device Connectivity
  • Includes Connectivity Support

Get Cloud9 HIPAA Email Encryption and Data Loss Prevention at $15 per month

Contact a member of the OCCloud 9 Sales Team for exact pricing details

Email Encryption

Our email encryption solution monitors outbound email communication. Custom filters can identify sensitive number sets while managed dictionaries can identify words usually grouped around sensitive information. Encryption commands can be included through a subject line. All of these triggers enable automated email encryption.

Messages are then uploaded and stored in our highly secure hosted cloud storage infrastructure. External users are sent email notifications when they have been sent an encrypted message, and are directed to a web-based user interface to read and respond to emails, while your own users can even trigger outbound encryption through an outlook plugin, while also managing replies directly in Outlook.

Data Loss Prevention

While Encryption is a powerful tool to share sensitive data outside an organization, even the most cautious users can make mistakes during a work day. With DLP, you can configure policies that recognize and encrypt messages with social security numbers, credit card numbers, standard patient identification numbers and more. This means your users never mistakenly share information on your patients or clients, saving them embarrassment and mitigating a variety of risks to your organization’s reputation and regulatory standing. Data Loss Prevention solution guards against leaks of private and confidential information in email and web protocols with highly accurate detection using smart identifiers and managed dictionaries. OcCloud’s DLP solution extends the content filters’ controls even further. Filters can be creating using smart Identifiers as well as several pre-configured managed dictionaries. Smart Identifiers dramatically reduce the number of false positives relative to commonly used regular expressions.

Maintaining Data Continuity and Security

Cloud9 HIPAA Email Encryption and DLP gives you modern secure email and compliance capabilities that allow your business to rest easy. Email threats and targeted attacks aren’t the only topic making headlines these days – data protection and privacy concerns are at the forefront of many individuals’ minds, particularly when they’re prospecting new businesses and services. With Email Encryption, your clients can rest assured that you have the capabilities to give their data the respect it deserves, no matter the prying eyes who may attack your business unexpectedly.

Get Cloud9 HIPAA Email Encryption and Data Loss Prevention at $15 per month

Contact a member of the OCCloud 9 Sales Team for exact pricing details