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OCCloud9 Collaborate Cloud Based Solutions empowers employees and business contacts the ability to share, edit, and create documents, calendar appointments, task lists, and crucial business reports for real time business decision making, from anywhere in the world, in either a web browser, a smart phone, tablet, or the application dashboard. Cloud9 Collaborate offers collaboration software such as Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft CRM, Microsoft Sharepoint, Sage Products, and more. With any collaboration software we offer in the cloud, it is backed up in real-time, highly available, and can be scaled instantly, as your business grows. Stay in touch with all employee’s and business contacts using Microsoft Lync, a private company Instant Messaging service, similar to Skype, but only for the people you choose, and remains completely secure. You can also share documents, photos, text messages, tasks, and even your desktop screens! Calculate in milliseconds the growth of your business with Business Intelligence, a world wide used algorithm in the cloud. Track sales, phone calls, e-mails, virtually any contact to any customer can be tracked. Sharepoint provides solutions to over 1200 different scenarios.

  • Enterprise Sharepoint Sites
  • Hosted CRM Dynamics
  • File Sharing
  • Scalable
  • Android / iOS Application
  • Company Calendar Sharing
  • Includes Connectivity Support

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Enterprise Sharepoint Sites

Collaborate with people across the globe with Hosted Microsoft Sharepoint 2013, send reports, documents, todo’s, memo’s, notes, and calendar appointments. Keep track of employee timecards, manage your own help desk, automatically interact with online API’s, and streamline your business operations. Sharepoint has over 1200 different plugins that can be used on demand, free of charge.

Hosted CRM Dynamics

CRM Dynamics by Microsoft is a crucial business tool, it helps track and record all contact with any customer, whether its email, text messages, phone calls, or even instant messaging messages. Hosted CRM by Microsoft provides lots of end points for your customers, it provides reports, such as expenditure reports, maintenance reports, and sales reports.

Cloud File Sharing

Cloud file sharing allows companies to easily, and instantly share their files to other business contacts, family, or friends. With your files in the cloud, you won’t need to worry about data lose, or corruption, your files are save and secure.


Your cloud grows as you do, all behind the scenes. With advanced technologies, developed in partner with Microsoft, we have engineered a auto dynamic system, with literally no end user interaction. Geo replication and scalability is also available.

Mobile Applications

Laptop battery dead? No problem, with applications for every major smart phone out there, you can work from anywhere. Mobile devices have a huge play in business decisions, and with OCCloud9 Collaborate, we can get you there.

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Contact a OCCloud 9 team member for exact pricing details