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Migrating to a reliable and secure financial accounting software solution is one of the most beneficial decisions a company can make. It’s imperative that financial data is easily managed and securely encrypted. There are only a few reputable accounting programs on the market. Tried and true, QuickBooks is one of the most globally used Accounting Programs for Small to Mid-Market Businesses. This program has gained popularity over time primarily due to ease of use and accessibility for CPAs and other accounting professionals both remotely and on-premise.

  • Data Backups
  • Access Control
  • Client Support
  • Application Compatibility
  • Connectivity Support

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Data Security

The growing threat of network hacks and Ransomware Infections should be reason enough to opt for the most secure solution for your valuable data. However, there are other more important reasons as well, such as protecting the financial data of your customers. How would it feel to know that you were the cause of a data breach that affects your customers? Many companies use Intuit to process credit cards. Although compliant, it still stores credit card information locally. By hosting with OC Cloud9, that credit card data is no longer stored locally. Therefore, when it comes to filling out the PCI SAQ, you (the QB user) no longer has to answer “yes, I store credit card information locally”. That “yes” answer puts up an automatic red flag and requires many additional questions as well as a network and device scan. A company that stores credit card information locally is now responsible for the security of that data locally. This is a huge relief for many of our clients.

Application Compatibility

The number one reason why clients hold back on a Hosted QuickBooks Solution is due to the worry of application compatibility. This is our greatest success at OC Cloud9. Our techs are the masters when it comes to virtual application compatibility. If there is a way to integrate a software program in a physical environment, unless the software in question is from the old Windows XP days, there is a 99.9% chance we can make it happen is a hosted environment. Our clients can opt for a simple hosted QuickBooks solution as well as a complete Virtual Desktop/Virtual Server Solution, depending on their needs. We offer custom Cloud Solutions designed to work for our clients to meet their needs, not ours

Client Support

This is where OC Cloud9 stands above the rest! Real people in our office answer our phones, during business hours. We have a physical office that you may visit, and we don’t believe that leaving customers on long holds is good business. You have a problem, stand by, we will do what we can to resolve it for you quickly and painlessly.

Data Backups

The loss of important company data is catastrophic and can cost $$$$ in extra labor and lost business. A Virtual QuickBooks Solution eliminates the worry of successful backups as they are real time and included as part of the monthly service. A company is only as good as their last backup. This hugely important task is usually given the priority level of “low” rather than what is truly is. Using a hosted solution removes the responsibility of an employee as this task is scheduled automatically without the failure of a human mistake.

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Contact a OCCloud 9 team member for exact pricing details