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OCCloud9 Accelerated

One of the biggest challenges cloud providers and end users face, is the inability to use certain software in the cloud that requires any kind of graphical intense processing, such as: Autodesk Autocad, Adobe Photoshop, SolidWorks, SketchUp, and many more. We’ve overcome this challenge, completely with our Cloud9 Accelerated Virtual Desktop. Until recently this was a looming challenge that contributed to the widespread frustration of cloud solution providers and consumers alike. Many companies will have a team of users that will need access a higher graphical experience and this service is an excellent service add on.

  • Windows Server 2019 Hyper-V
  • Microsoft RemoteFx
  • Powered by NVidia GRID
  • Microsoft Office 2019
  • Enterprise Exchange Mail
  • Graphic Intensive Processing
  • Smart Device Connectivity

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Introducing Cloud9 Accelerated Graphics

nVidia is the leader in gaming graphics and performance, delivering the industry’s most trusted technology for the smoothest, most realistic gaming experience. For many years, nVidia has also worked with leading supercomputer centers to build the fastest computers in the world, including the world record-holding Titan supercomputer. Cloud9 Accelerated Graphics leverages this new technology from nVidia to provide an absolutely stunning experience. Run any kind of application, or even video game in our highly secure, highly available, private cloud infrastructure. Most cloud customers would not need our Accelerated platform, unless they use any highly graphically intense programs.

Industries that benefit from this technology

Architecture, Engineering, Construction

Running popular computer assisted design (CAD) software on cloud systems was not a possibility, until now. Rest at ease knowing that you can work from anywhere, anytime, turning any device you connect from into a high performing graphical environment with all your files, and programs exactly the way you want them. We now support CAD software, such as: SolidWorks, Autodesk Autocad, SketchUp, JR2C, and more. They run in our cloud environment as if they were installed on your computer, and as if your computer had a very expensive video card. Employee’s can be connected to their Accelerated Desktop from a tablet out in the field, from their phone at a job site, or on any computer, easily and securely. Build, produce, and procure much faster by being able to share drawings, documents, and much more. We provide support for any issues connecting, printing, device redirection, and more, for free!


Education shapes our world. Now we can help shape Education too. Educational facilities can leverage our private cloud infrastructure for teaching classes such as: Design, Architectural, Development and much more. Students get home work. Most students who are taking classes in technology fields or design fields, also need a computer they can use to do their homework on. Sometimes this isn’t as simple as it sounds, for example: Students who use Autodesk Maya probably don’t have a workstation grade system at home, and wouldn’t be able to complete their homework like they do in the class room. With Cloud9 Accelerated Graphics, students just resume their cloud session when they get home. Everything is exactly how they left it. Results? Better educational results, happy students who don’t need to invest their money in a computer to do homework on, and much better collaboration with students and teachers.


Healthcare providers have very strict rules they must follow when using offsite services that contains confidential client information. We make that easy, we are already HIPAA compliant and will continue to be. Most Healthcare providers use software that interacts with Web camera’s, printers, signature pads and more. We support all of these devices, and with Accelerated Desktops, the support goes even further. Scanning to the cloud has become more and more important, and with Accelerated Desktops, this is included and works “Out of the box”. Other advanced features for Healthcare providers are available, such as: Site to Site secure VPN (256 bit FIPS certified encryption), Content Caching for images, and SecureSend, a secure web portal delivering confidential information to customers.

Other industries

We work with all types of industries and have solutions for every kind of industry out there, including: Manufacturing, Aerospace, and Government.

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