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College Students have crazy schedules. Whether it’s pulling an all-nighter to turn in a project or a study cram session before mid-terms or finals, being able to rely on dependable technology is crucial.  The last thing any student wasn’t to deal with is a broken computer during these crucial time crunches. We have seen it over and over again, a desperate student with a failed system that has all of their crucial work, notes or projects literally in their hands yet they are unable to access any of the information. OCCloud9 is happy to help permanently resolve this issue for you or the student in your life by offering Cloud Solutions for College Students. Forget about homework left at home, or the inability to edit a document 5 minutes before a class starts.  We are here to help smooth things out. Cloud9 College VDI allows students the ability to store all program files, projects, documents, and images in our Student Cloud, allowing students the ability to access their files and projects from any computer with an Internet connection.

Once logged into your virtual desktop students will have access to a secure environment which includes services such as File Storage, File Sharing, Data Backup, Microsoft Office 2019 Suite (Outlook, Word, Publisher, Excel, Access, PowerPoint). We can upload other necessary applications required for specific school programs to your virtual desktop, allowing accessibility from wherever a student had internet connection and a desktop laptop or tablet.

  • Hosted Applications
  • File Storage/Sharing
  • Hosted on Enterprise Servers
  • Microsoft Office 2019
  • Exchange Mail
  • Smart Device Connectivity
  • Includes Connectivity Support

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Flexible School Environment

One of the many benefits of a Virtual Desktop Cloud Solutions is the flexibility to create a mobile study room anywhere the Internet is available. Subscribers can access their applications and data from home, school, car, train, airport or boat with any device running in either a Windows or Mac environment. Complete homework, projects or study for tests ahead of schedule and work virtually anywhere.

Data Back-Ups & Security

Never worry about loosing your homework, projects, music, pictures, videos or programs from natural disasters, fire, theft or flood. All data files are stored securely and backed-up daily at our Data Centers. Network Firewall Protocol and Intrusion Prevention Services are included. All Server Infrastructure is managed and monitored by OCCloud9 Technicians and is included with these services.

Benefits of a Virtual Desktop experience

Get a Virtual Desktop experience with Windows 10. Access your virtual desktop from any computer, tablet or smart device! Reduce individual hardware expenses, energy costs and enable the secure management of your data and applications.  

Products Offered

  • Windows 10
  • Microsoft Office Suite (Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Publisher)
  • Any degree specific software program required for school

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Contact a member of the  OCCloud 9 team for exact pricing details