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Database Cloud Services

OC Cloud9 Databases offer built in Data Redundancy, Backup and Security. Finally a cloud solution that offers easy setup, is instantly deployable, and ready to go!

We offer Microsoft SQL instances (2008 R2, 2012, 2014) and MySQL instances (MySQL 5.5) in a low cost but high performance bundle. Queries execute extremely quickly, because we host all database data on tiered solid state storage. We offer an easy to use and intuitive control panel that allows you to customize exactly what your database is to be used for, whether its your mobile application or a website. You may scale your databases instantly, unlimited times. OCCloud9 databases are great for development projects, production projects, and all other uses. Unlike most database hosts, we do not limit our customers on how many queries they can execute per hour. With OCCloud9’s Database Cloud Services, the sky is the limit!

  • Enterprise MySQL / MS SQL
  • High Performance
  • Always-On Cluster
  • Scalable / Load Balanced
  • Power Your Applications
  • Unlimited Queries / Hour
  • Includes Connectivity Support

Get Cloud9’s scalable database

Tired of slow pages, or slow run-time queries? Well not with us! We guarantee it!

Streamlined interface

Our OC Cloud9 Database Cloud control panel is the best in the industry. We offer the ability to:

  • Scale your database
  • Move a database to a different datastore (SSD/HDD)
  • Move a database from a tenant location to dedicated SQL Server
  • Instantly create new databases
  • Change your database media type (Mobile data, Websites, etc)

Rapid Performance

OCCloud9 databases deliver unsurpassed speed and ease of use in the industry. Our Cloud9 databases are all stored on high performance enterprise class solid state tiers, ensuring your queries return instantly, improving the speed on anything that relies on a database. We use multiple data centers around the world to ensure that you’re connected to the closest data center to you as possible, reducing latency, and empowering world communications. Rapid performance doesn’t always mean reliable performance, but with OCCloud9, we’ve got you covered.

Built In Data Redundancy

Our storage solution specifically designed for application databases, is state of the art. All data is encrypted, and replicated across our clusters around the world. Our Cloud9 panel can give an overview of your database replication status at any given time, performance stats, and database health stats.

Data Back-Ups & Security

All data files are stored securely and backed-up daily at our Data Centers. Network Firewall Protocol and Intrusion Prevention Services are included. All Server Infrastructure is managed and monitored by OCCloud9 Technicians and is included with these services.

Flexible Work Environment

One of the many benefits of Cloud Solutions is the flexibility to create a mobile office anywhere the Internet is available. Subscribers can access their applications and data from a home office, car, train, airport or boat with any device running in either a Windows or Mac environment. Critical Projects and deadlines can be completed ahead of schedule as users are working in a wide variety of locations.

Get Cloud9’s scalable database

Tired of slow pages, or slow run-time queries? Well not with us! We guarantee it!