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    When you run into an IT systems issue, chatting with a bot or sitting on hold for hours is a pain. You want someone who’s there when you need them, and knows your business like the back of their hand.

    OC Cloud 9’s local team of IT support and security solutions experts are available on-call, 24/7, so you’re never sitting around waiting for a fix.

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    Savings on ongoing IT maintenance costs compared to in-house IT hosting.


    Decrease in time spent fixing IT problems

    OC Cloud 9 is a leader for cloud hosting solutions and cybersecurity protection in the Southern California area. With over 20 years of experience, we’ve seen it all, so you don’t have to.

    Our unparalleled customer service team operates right here in Orange County, so you know the help you’re looking for is local, live, and dedicated to getting your IT on track.

    Confident Cloud Client

    “My name is Elan Sudberg and I am the CEO of Alkemist Labs, a passionately committed independent testing laboratory focusing on plant analysis for food and drugs.

    We felt like we were in good hands with our previous IT firm. We accepted all the idiosyncrasies that tend to trend from that industry and staff. My experience WAS, aside from the challenging and poor communication skills and low emotional intelligence of their team, we were being cared for adequately. Then the worst happened. A cryptic and vague note came in on a Sunday night that our network had been breached. Monday morning that communication escalated to, ""you were hacked and your entire network is down, you might want to tell the staff not to come in."" Mind you, this was early in the pandemic where the world already felt like it was crumbling around us. Unfortunately, I had to request and even beg for updates. After a yelling match with their senior leadership, I was finally offered an explanation. Hackers got into the IT firm's network and in turn into ours. They basically shut out network down and offered a $1,200,000 ransom to restore it. Due to a cascade of failures, including missed backups and antiquated technology, it took us 2 weeks to restore our operations. We lost an entire workday of data. They fought us like we were bothering them and blamed their slow restoration on our need for regular updates. It was one of the most terrifying experiences of my career where I wasn't sure if we were going to make it.

    Once our operations were restored we began to look for a new, more competent, and better communicating IT firm. We were referred to OC Cloud 9 by a colleague and have been happy ever since. The old firm even had the audacity to threaten legal action if we ended our contract with them early. Fortunately, we deployed a strong legal argument against theirs and we were released.

    Alex of OC Cloud9 came to our facility and I instantly knew it's going to be ok. He offered clear cloud solutions that were safer and better than what I knew existed. Their team Virtualized our company in a private secure cloud. Their prices were in line and reasonable.

    Most importantly aside from a perfectly running IT system, backed up hourly, safe from hackers, and restorable in moments is their communication skills. Their techs are amazing and get the job done as planned and talk with us as would the most seasoned client services experts but they are actually IT guys!!! It's a rare combination that I find invaluable.”

    - Elan Sudberg
    CEO of Alkemist Labs

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